REE Optical Systems, LLC

optical design, technical management, technology

REE Optical Systems, LLC is an independent optical design, engineering, and consulting business, established by Ed English in 2008. We perform optical design and engineering work, make technology and IP assessments, and consult on technical managements aspects of clients' programs.
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We have performed specific, direct, and significant optical system design and analysis in the following types of systems

  • fiber optic delivery of high power lasers
  • laser beam delivery and control systems
  • hyper-spectral imaging camera
  • high performance optics specifications

  • projection lens design
  • projection system design
  • LED illumination system design
  • polarization light management

The following list represents areas of extensive experience and speciality
  • Optical System Design
  • Illumination System Design
  • Diffraction Theory
  • Physical Optics Phenomena
  • System Requirements
  • Error Budgets
  • Tolerance Analysis

  • Projection Displays
  • High Power Lasers
  • Optical Sensors & Controls
  • LED Illumination

  • Project & Program Management
  • New Product Introduction
  • Experiment Planning & Testing
  • Competitive Intelligence & IP
  • Technical Organization Staffing & Effectiveness