REE Optical Systems, LLC

optical design, technical management, technology


We help clients determine their optical system requirements, consider appropriate optical designs, concepts, and technologies, develop completed optical designs with accompanying analysis to show that the requirements will be met, and assist our clients in their efforts to fabricate, assemble, and test the solutions, addressing technical and program issues that arise.

Are you trying to achieve state-of-the-art performance?
     Do you need to move quickly to meet a market opportunity?
          Do you need to improve the manufacturability of a product?
               Are you employing a new technology or design architecture?

Especially in the field of optics, it is very important to understand how the subassemblies, components, and materials interact in the system. A robust technical solution derives from a combination of data and knowledge, a logical approach, and inquisitive thinking. This is precisely our experience: developing optical systems that employ advanced technology to achieve state-of-the-art performance or high volume manufacturing, using a broad background in optical principles and their practical application to produce real products and systems.